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VRChat Ready Skeleton Flowerbed Avatar

Files include: unity packages ready for VRChat upload, blender file, photoshop files, and substance painter files. 

Quest compatible (quest unity file included).

Includes beginner-friendly directions for setting up the avatar and altering textures. Video tutorial can be found here:

Comes with a full set of visemes as well as a wide variety of facial expressions. 

Many built-in animations for VRChat (see showoff video).

Consists of under 24k polys (under 20k for quest version) and contains two material slots, making it well optimized for VRChat.  

Overall VRChat performance rating of good (poor on quest).

Compatible with full body tracking.

The unity package comes set up with physbones.

VRCFury is required for some animations to function. it can be found here:

The unity package is set up to use the Poiyomi shader version 8.1.167 ( It is recommended but not required.  

Note: the VRChat SDK is needed to upload a model to VRChat (

Terms of Service

Redistribution of assets (resale, sharing, avatar ripping, etc.), including modified assets, is not allowed.  

Modifications of textures or assets is allowed.

Commissioning textures or modifications is allowed, so long as all parties involved own the base model.

Creating public versions of the avatar is allowed.

If you want you can remove the cube signature from the inside of the model, however leaving it on is greatly appreciated!

Avatar World

If you want to try out the avatar before you buy, check it out here: NEW WORLD UNDER CONSTRUCTION (Apologies for the inconvenience!)

Discord Server

If you have any issues with the model, want to contribute/find community assets, or just want to hang out, check out my discord server at:


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